Route Map

Proposed route map…of course its going to change!…..Deliberately kept to a loose plan. But you get an idea where my rajdooth could be travelling to:)

slight change, Melb to Mildura, to Adelaide, to Alice Springs via Oodnadatta track. After the Races at Finke, finally reached to Alice springs. Then to King canyons and Uluru….
10246621_633028430114905_2130443422320009748_n you get the picture!India_Aus

5 thoughts on “Route Map”

  1. pendi says:

    i see your map, in north sumatra dont forget about Danau Toba, its a big and beautiful lake. move your fat ass to Pangururan and clean your ass in Hot Spring. ride around the Samosir island. no worries about language. Parapat and Samosir people can speak english. if you cross or visit Pematangsiantar, let me know by FB or email, maybe just maybe i can call my friends to guide you if you need something. its my hometown. my mom will prepare food for you.
    in north sumatera Medan is capital city. harbor in Belawan, near Medan.
    you also can go to Singapura by Batam harbor in Batam island.

    • Pendi,
      crazy i bumped in to you in Airport again!…Thankx for your tips. you are soo resourceful mate! Thank you heaps. I will stop by Pangururan and hotsprings..can use it for sure:) Your mom’s homemade food sounds awesome. I’m thinking of going to Malaysia from Belwan. Land somewhere close to Singapore. Then travel to Singapore by road from Malaysia. I have heard that, its way too expensive to land in any ports of Singapore. may be you can tell me, how i can travel from Belawan to Malacca or closer to Singapore border i can land. Much appreciated brother….

  2. Denny yudisthira says:

    Hey son, are u okey there?
    When i traveling to india, i will contact u, and hope ur can be my parents in there,,,hahah

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