Little journey in to choosing a motorcycle, preparing for a long haul by myself, and the joy of getting her ready on the road for this incredible journey!

an old pic...

This sheila is too old for this ride…next..




got her for this big trip, she’s so big and heavy, i could not even lift her, when she kissed the ground few times. I mean, this Yamaha Tenere, 660cc was awesome, but too big and powerful. moved on…



She’s an old friend. I have taken her on few rides in India. I knew, she’s going to be troublesome…so, moved on!
IMG_4427found this sheila…Finally my search was over! picked her up from a cattle farm. not been looked after.


Good clean, full service, rego, stripped apart, work began at Josh’s garage with minimal tools. I had a drill, Jigsaw and rivet gun. Of course, found a old door for bench top and nice atmosphere from Josh and Jill’s house in Preston.



Custom built crash guard 2.0.  after several templates and time, finally found a design. built it, however it had other problems. Built another one with more refined…..3.0!

Panniers built with recycled road signs and sikaflex automotive for vibration and S.S rivets. lots of hard work with jigsaw and r gun to figure out the best possible way of securing the panniers.

IMG_4643Finally the panniers were ready on a autumn day! Water right, solid and strong. I may be even float on them across darwin to Indonesia!…..(kids, don’t try this at home)

IMG_4704so, panniers were on, Fuel tanks or on…few test rides to feel the weight and balance…nearly there!

IMG_4951so, there she’s on the road!…..fully stripped and plastidipped, with sheep skin on to keep me warm…journey began!

IMG_4950IMG_4956Its not bad…comfortable you know!


then, middle of somewhere – this happens. Panniers and other extra fittings fabricated by me, take the grunt and survived for another day!…well, journey continues….

4 thoughts on “Rajdooth”

  1. Good on ya mate. Keep the dream alive, give me a call when you get to Darwin i would like to shake your hand. Geoff.0447 944 930

  2. AR Ramesh says:

    Truly remarkable expedition. One in a million get to do stuff like this. With all your effort i hope you have a wonderful trip back home. Can’t wait to see you. Have fun. Wish you good health too.

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