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Your contribution, if you’re kind enough to send one, isn’t used to finance the trip. However, it’s used to keep the website afloat.

Creating and hosting this site require lot of time, energy and money. I enjoy having you along for the ride, but i can only justify writing, shooting and uploading it all for your enjoyment if i can manage to cover some of the direct expenses i incur while doing so.    I’m not seeking charity. I work hard to provide you something of Value vicarious travel experience, a laugh, may be even some inspiration, and only look for compensation for fair exchange.

you can donate however much and however often you like, using Paypal’s (No need to have Paypal’s account) secure online payment system. Please click below.

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Much appreciated in advance. I hope you’ll see an exchange of my resources for yours as a fair trade and opt to keep this site going.

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Thank you

Rajnarayana Andagare

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