Indonesia – Knocked down hard, got back up again, kept riding home!

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My journey began from Darwin/ Australia to Dili / East Timor on a boat. I try to get a ride on the board. Begged, cried (try to) way they would take me on board. It’s not allowed to travel on international cargo. No option left, took a flight to Dili. The only flight so far in this journey… From Dili, entered Indonesia and continued my island hopping all the way to Singapore. Many islands, several ferries, lots of stories, one major accident,Nearly died.. still recovering after 8 months..met some incredible people during this journey. Vincent from Flores, only english speaking gentleman, you saved me from accident. Looked after me, treated me well, took me to hospital, got me massage from local expert, and gave me love of your people…I dedicate this to you Vincent Ata Bala, Flores. Indonesia.

Below photo’s are just a glimpse of my life on road, in incredible Indonesia.  Enjoy the photo’s and leave feedbacks. Peace

Next……Painful Singapore and beyond..see ya soon

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Architect on a 250cc moving castle called "Rajdooth" on a looong road home, from Melbourne to Bangalore, India -overlad. Come and join, when i cross 14 countries, clocking nearly 40,000 Km, through my highs and lows - raj

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