Was bit distracted in Darwin – off again!

Australia, Northern Territory - Alice springs + Darwin, photoblog
It’s been 14 months since i’m on the road. When i reached to Darwin, North Australia, i was out of my savings. Time to reline my wallet and move. It was calculated and worked out well. What was confronting to me was this idea of living under a roof and closed walls. I was spoiled with camping in some of amazing locations, waking up to a million dollar view, birds, landscape, waking up in middle full moon night to see ” is it morning?”…..so, found a perfect place at John & Kim’s. It was a Balinese pavilion – “Bale”. Bit more than camping. Perfect. Worked in several industry, met amazing people. Friendship for life. So, i have posted some of these moments to share with you. Just a snippets of my 6+ months of full life in darwin, northern tip of Aus, before my departure to Asia. Enjoy. Please leave your comments, your say…would love to hear from you!..peace

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Architect on a 250cc moving castle called "Rajdooth" on a looong road home, from Melbourne to Bangalore, India -overlad. Come and join, when i cross 14 countries, clocking nearly 40,000 Km, through my highs and lows - raj

10 thoughts on “Was bit distracted in Darwin – off again!”

  1. Dave says:

    Niiiiice tractor mate! Missing those curries Raj, bout time you head back for a holiday mate? Happy travels and stay upright fella!

  2. Umesh says:

    Raju, Trust you are having fun touring around. see you soon and wishing you safe arrival to Bangalore

  3. Jonathon says:

    Though we only had a brief chat in Alice Springs, I’m glad to have met you man! Praying for a safe trip all the way home! Good to hear you’re now on one piece of land the rest of the way 🙂 God Bless.

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